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3L System Group
Location: DAYTON, OH 45459
Employees:Less than 100
Website:Visit Website
      3L System Group develops and sells industry-specific business systems to companies in the search media sector and to companies in construction, real estate, contracting and accounting. 3L System offers customization, installation, training and support for the 3L Pro, MBS, 3L Core and the 3L Social Media Platform - SMP - systems.

Ever since its inception in 1976, 3L System Group has developed industry-specific business systems with the same clear goal in mind. Our systems must be easy to use, fast and easy to customize, and above all – they must be reliable and easy to maintain.
Our two business areas are 3L Media and 3L Förvaltningssystem.
3L Media deals with search media companies and develops solutions for printed and digital media, for everything from ad sales to lead generation.
3L Förvaltningsystem specializes in business systems for the construction and real estate industries, and for service agencies in finance and administration.

3L Media worldwide
3L Media has more than 20 years’ experience of developing business systems for advertising and search media companies around the world. 3L Media is a strategic partner in the transition from printed to digital media in the areas of Internet, social networking and mobile services.