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Dart NeuroScience LLC
Location: SAN DIEGO, CA 92121
Employees:Less than 100
Website:Visit Website
      Dart NeuroScience LLC (DNS) is a private Company formed to discover new technologies and therapeutics to help maximize cognitive vitality throughout life. Over the past 200 years, modern medicine has almost doubled life expectancy from an average near 45 in 1800 to that approaching 90 in this century. Unfortunately, such longevity has served to reveal many diseases that were rare among 45 year olds and has made age-related cognitive decline a major impediment to quality of life.

DNS will build on research pursued by the Dart NeuroGenomics Alliance at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory from 2002 to 2008 and on a Gene Discovery Platform Technology recently acquired from Helicon Therapeutics, Inc. The Company"s objective is to attract the world"s brightest scientific minds to discover fundamental improvements in brain health and cognitive function.