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Location: PLAINVIEW, TX 79072
Employees:Less than 50
      We MUSKOTEC CONSULT Limited are interested in companies or individuals who are looking / searching for Contracts and projects in all U.S States like (Construction, Oil & Gas, Architecture, Quantity Survivors, Mineral Resources, and different Projects etc). We have some approved contracts at hand... We are looking for reliable / reputable firms work can handle all the above mentioned fields as we are willing and ready to re-sell contracts.

We are located in most part of the countries and receive several contracts from most regions. We mainly stand as the nominated contractors to Governments, Private individuals, and Agencies.

For Registration with our company for contracts...Feel Free to send us e-mail to : [email protected] if interested in securing multi-million/Billion USD contracts/Projects through us or if you have questions.


Manchy Kelvin