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Location: SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85254
Employees:Less than 50
Website:Visit Website
      Potential Loan Officers for American Pacific Mortgage: 

Now is the time to strategically position yourself with the best net Mortgage Banker in the nation to assist you in being successful with all your mortgage business in a difficult time and market. Now more than ever in this profession if you want to be successful and survive you need to have the right resources and relationships in place. 

Resources American Pacific Mortgage offers to our Loan Officers: 

True Jumbo Lenders (Up to $3,000,000 loan amounts) 
Conventional To 95% In AZ (Yes even after Oct. 20th) 
Commercial Lending 
Reverse Mortgages 
Our Mortgage Bank with 4 Bank IT Lenders To Chose From (Do not disclose YSP) 
8 Banks That Are Preferred Lenders (Rate incentives and discounts off fees) 
Approved With Over 145 Banks 
Compliance/File Storage 
HR Benefits/401K/Insurance 
Individual/Team Websites 
World-Class Intranet (The Bridge) 
Learning Center 
Lender Relations 
Continuing Education 
Guest Speakers 
In House Processing 
Production Techniques 
Marketing Assistance 
Lead Generation Program 
Electronic Submission For Fast Approvals 
Master Point Server With Username And Password 

We are currently licensed in: 

Alaska Arizona Arkansas California 
Colorado Hawaii Idaho Mississippi 
Missouri Nevada New Mexico Oklahoma 
Oregon Tennessee Texas Utah 
Washington Wyoming Florida 

American Pacific Mortgage has been in business since 1989. There are now over 3,000 Loan Officers nationwide that have chosen APM as there Broker with 180 branches. This branch of American Pacific Mortgage is a virtual branch in North Scottsdale. This branch is taking applications and reviewing resumes for Loan Officers that are planning a CAREER in the industry. We are recruiting Loan Officers who are currently working from home or a remote office that want to join our successful team. We want our Loan Officers confident in their abilities and highly motivated. Sales ability, good interpersonal and communication skills, and a strong desire to succeed also are very important qualities for our potential Loan Officer candidates for this branch/team. 

Loan Officers that are accepted and approved to join our team will be connected to "The Bridge," an intranet site that provides originators with numerous resources, loan education, free marketing and many administrative services to assist in with all needs. 

More information will be sent to you about the company via e-mail once resume is received.