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Pipeline Platform
Location: KIRKLAND, WA 98033
Employees:500 - 1000
Website:Visit Website
      About Our Company

Founded in 2005, Pipeline Platform has perfected the art of referral incubation. Professionalism is the rock solid foundation on which Pipeline Platform is built. We hire professionals and and provide extensive training and continuing development to ensure the Pipeline Platform sales team sets a new standard of excellence serving the needs of our clients nationwide.

Pipeline Platform is committed to providing each and every client with exceptional service. We go above and beyond in finding the best appointments and referrals for our customers. Our team does the cold prospecting work for you so you don"t have to only providing you with warm referrals to maximize your closing ability.

Through industry best of class techniques we produce warm referrals for many markets. But we do more than just sell a referral. We also sell an appointment. These are the best referrals for getting your foot into the door for a quality sell removing a primary block to getting it done!

Pipeline Platform is more than just referrals. We also provide a full service CRM to track your appointments, create follow up drip marketing campaign and track your emails sent to the referral.