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Pediatric Therapy of Aiken, LLC
Location: AIKEN, SC 29803
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      We are committed to excellence. We strive to provide highly skilled therapists, who can ensure our patient"s will receive the most effective and up to date therapy available. Our licensed therapists, are vastly trained and have advanced degrees in their areas of specialty. They are dedicated to ongoing continuing education and the acquisition of advanced pediatric skills.

Pediatric Therapy of Aiken"s main objective for each child is focused on abilities and recovery potential. Respect and love for children motivates our staff to provide fun and refining therapy during each visit, whether at the office, home, school and other community sites.

Here is a description of the services we provide:

Physical therapy: addresses postural and motor control, balance and equilibrium skills, gait, muscular strength and endurance, range of motion and flexibility, coordination skills, and developmental delays.

Occupational Therapy: They evaluate and treat patient"s with whom may have one of the following deficits:
Activities of daily living skills: dressing grooming, hygiene, feeding.
Fine Motor skills: coloring, handwriting, cutting
Groos Motor skills: balance and coordination, motor planning and execution.
Sensory Modulation: Touch, Hearing, Vision

Speech Therapy: Evaluate and treat patient"s with whom may have one of the following deficits: 
Aphasia- inability to utilize language appropriately due to neurological disorders.
Apraxia- difficultly planning executing the motor movements for speech production.
Auditory- processing and perception
Articulation disorders- problems producing some sounds
Dysarthia- slurred speech typically related to a neurological impairment
Hearing impairment
Language Disorders- receptive, expressive, and cognitive
Non-verbal individuals- assessed for alternative augmentative communication
Stuttering, Swallowing, and /or Voice Disorder