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Agence Vitae Conseil
Location: NEW YORK, NY 10004
Employees:100 - 500
Website:Visit Website
      Our Original and Unique Business Model:

•	We are looking for high volume, annual contracts with our clients
o	 Our minimum is 50 positions per year per client
•	We are divided into two separate but complementary teams. Our commercial team is in charge of hunting new clients, identifying their needs, and essentially selling our service so that we can outsource their recruitment. While our HR team is in charge of recruiting for the contracts signed by the team. 
o	This sets us apart from other firms because both parts are able to focus on what they do best.
•	Our competitive advantage to save time and to be able to truly respond to volume contracts is the fact that our recruitment is done strictly by telephone. This way we are able to offer global contracts with local recruitment. 
•	We matter because we are in all sectors, we can recruit by telephone all over the world for high volume contracts which in turn lowers our costs.