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Location: CHICAGO, IL 60614
Employees:More than 1,000
      About Us

Since its beginning in 2002, ATN has had one of the highest staffing percentages in the industry. Our established relationships with our staff allows ATN to provide assistance where our clients need it most.

At ATN, we don’t subcontract to other agencies and focus instead on making sure we are responsible and accountable for the results of your program. We also always provide our clients with a 24 hour client service number. This way you can always reach us to handle any potential issues that may come up. Our top priority is ensuring the quality of your event and making certain that your program has the right staff. 

We provide our clients with a large array of staff from promotional models, samplers, product demonstrators, booth hostesses for tradeshows, nightclub/bar promotional staff, street teams,  costume characters, and event/tour managers.


We at ATN have extensive industry experience and we are committed to providing you with the services you need to make your events run the way you want them to. With our "no-subcontract" policy and our large array of dedicated staff across the nation, we are well-positioned to make any type of event a complete success.