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5 best websites to post jobs free

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5 best websites to post jobs free

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Today’s recruiters have to fulfill staffing requirements quickly and efficiently. However, the tools at the recruiter’s disposal are often limited, as the companies are limited in the choices they provide to their recruiters and headhunters. Current paid job sites provide questionable value for the prices they charge: sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed can quickly empty out your wallet while providing just a few not relevant candidates. We’ve decided to compile a list of free websites where you can post jobs and actually expect decent results.

  1. CBCJobs.com – this is the premiere staffing website when it comes to getting something for nothing. You can post jobs free, search their huge resume database free, create a careers webpage and much much more. Your free job is fed out to tons of recruiting sites and portals as well – all for free.
  2. Craigslist.org – Craigslist is still a formidable resource when it comes to getting candidates for jobs. CL has been clamping down on spammers recently, and it can be sort of hard to navigate. It also still charges for jobs in a lot of areas – however, posting gigs is still free and you can get a few good resumes that way.
  3. SmartRecruiters.com – this is a company based in the UK that basically makes money through affiliate programs for Monster/CareerBuilder/Dice – it let’s you post a basic job free and then pitches you its affiliate programs. Worth a try.
  4. Jobvertise.com –  this company has been around the web for a long time. Still let’s you post jobs for free.
  5. Snagajob.com – large corporate recruiting portal that provides free basic job listings to lure you into paying for a more advanced listing.
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